If I had to describe myself I would simply say I am a Creator.  Being creative and being an artist comes naturally to me.  However, making a body of work requires discipline and structure, and work, and work and more work, but when you have a passion and a love for the work you do it’s a joy. I hope you will feel my joy on this blog as I share the intimacy of my artistic expression with the idea that art’s main purpose is to inspire moral uplift and edification. Toward that intention I have launched this blog, not only to chronicle my work as a filmmaker, but to also share my passion for telling stories through the craft of the wordsmith.

My father was a photographer, my grandfather was a photographer, and my great-grandfather was also a photographer. Consequently my fascination with all things cinematic are part of my DNA.  Over the course of my artistic development I have given more creative energy to the filmmaker in me – but the time has come for the writer in me to be more fully expressed. I was born in a small rural town in Georgia, where I was raised by my two great-grandmothers.  My maternal great-grandmother, Emma Phillips was born in 1876, just nine years after President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation to free enslaved Africans in the United States; my paternal great-grandmother Daisy Lawson, who was born in 1892, was a mid-wife and a devote missionary.  Both these women came into womanhood at a time when they were intensely challenged to navigate through the parlous terrain of the  Jim Crow south.  During my early childhood development, they taught me the meaning of love, dignity, and the power of prayer.  Their life-lessons prepared me to have the courage to embrace the vision I would eventually hold of myself.

“My mentor into professional film making, or more specifically, making movies, was none other than GORDON PARKS. It doesn’t get any better than that.  His kindness and generosity made my entrance into the world of cinema feel like it was the place where I belonged.  I began my career in the motion picture industry as a script supervisor. From the moment my feet first landed on a movie set, I knew I was home.  I love the collaborative creative process, which is what making movies is all about.  In my role as script supervisor, I learned everything about the logistics of motion picture production.  However, it wasn’t a role I wanted to remain in for the rest of my film-making career.  As fate would have it, I was blessed with the opportunity to begin a completely new career path at WABC-TV in New York City, where I was introduced to broadcast journalism.  It was at WABC-TV where began my career as producer/writer/director.

I have been blessed to have such an incredible career journey, including motion picture production, broadcast journalism, independent filmmaking, and now to be able to continue that journey into the New Media digital era.  Concurrently, I am in the ‘woodshed’, laboring over two beloved projects: my documentary film titled “HOME” has me completely captured in the editing process which I am loving, and my book project HEIRLOOM is teaching me the lessons of patience as I struggle through the process of editing the manuscript of my first novel.  Both these projects carry the theme of place, that illusive tangle that resonates in the fiber of all earthly souls seeking a place to call home.  I welcome your comments and your support.  My commitment to you is to deliver the best work my spirit is able to transcribe from that dynamic unknowable entity we call the Creator.  In the Meantime, I send you many thanks of appreciation.  Blessings.   – Naimah


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  1. Luigi Cristalli Says:

    Ho letto con grande interesse la tua autobiografia. Aspetto di vedere o leggere qualcosa di tuo

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