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Posted in HOME FILM PROJECT on September 8, 2009 by naimahfuller

NAIMAH FULLER - MediaArtist/Filmmaker

I have been blessed to have such an incredible career journey, including motion picture production, broadcast journalism, independent filmmaking, and now to be able to continue that journey into the New Media digital era.  Concurrently, I am in the ‘woodshed’, laboring over two beloved projects: my documentary film titled “HOME” has me completely captured in the editing process which I am loving, and my book project HEIRLOOM is teaching me the lessons of patience as I struggle through the process of editing the manuscript of my first novel.  Both these projects carry the theme of  “place”, that illusive tangle that resonates in the fiber of all earthly souls seeking a place to call home.  I welcome your comments and your support.  My commitment to you is to deliver the best work my spirit is able to transcribe from that dynamic unknowable source energy we call God.  In the Meantime, I send you many thanks of appreciation.  Blessings.   – Naimah